Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language:

I really have nothing of depth to say right now. I am beyond distracted and so uber excited that I've exhausted myself. I just wanted to post this because I love looking at the damn thing so much!

A little background, I used to buy the "digis" all the time. Of course, all I got were negatives on them. Instead of one line mocking me from the snow white panel however it was a mean, horrible, nasty "not pregnant." Ugh. It was like taking a bullet. So I stopped buying them and swore I would only use one after a positive blood test. Well, 3 FRER and 3 EPTs later.......

Ahhhh!!! I just love it!! Anyhow, I go in for my first beta tomorrow and I gotta say that I'm actually feeling pretty damn confident at this point.

Thanks for reading, and now this blog will be about a Mad, Horomonally Crazed Pregnant Woman.

Thank God for unexpected miracles.

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  1. What a surprise! Congrats! Can't wait to hear how your beta goes!