Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Many Joys of "The Repeater"

So, my son has hit that most unfortunate of stages: repetition. As I type the word my whole body shudders and lines from the 2 most frequent films start to stream through my conciousness. "We're vikings, it's an occupational hazard," "You're FIRED-DUH!" Now, if you're lucky enough not to recognize those now infamous lines (at least at my house) they are from How to Train Your Dragon and The Cat in The Hat; respectively.
As I patter around the house, picking up an offending toy from the bottom of my foot, grappling another load of toddler sized laundry it hits me: I'm. A. Repeater. So it's not an unfortunate state of toddlerhood, it's genetic! My poor, unaware son has inherited this defective gene from none other than me! How do I know this?
I, in fact, repeated this very morning. I am an obsessive OPK taker. For those of you who don't know an OPK, or Ovulation Predictor Kit, is a test that looks like a pregnancy test that you tinkle on and it will tell you your two most fertile days. Well, OPKs being the fickle creatures they are are dependant upon many variables: urine concentration, time of day, cycle on and so forth. Therefore, as only a logical, obsessively trying to get pregnant woman would do....I pee on one almost hourly. All 14 from today were negative in case you were wondering, but we are getting closer :)
I do the same thing with pregnancy tests, although the time frame is much shorter being as you can only detect pregnancy accuratly from a few days before your "missed" period and on. Even knowing that, however, doesn't stop me from testing the day after ovualtion. Just in case. I also BBT chart, taking my temperature at the same time, in the same side of my mouth, everyday.
My name is Katrina and I am a repeater.
I just thought it was funny how something so irritating and incomprehensible in a toddler is justifiable and even encouraged in adults. I was told by my doctor to test "at least twice a day," so that I timed intercourse correctly. I go on a particular website *cough, cough* where sane, smart women just like me post picture after picture of pregnancy tests to try and decipher any tiny smudge of pink. Lord help you if someone sees something because then it becomes a frenzy of pee-sticks! Your post becomes this jungle of angles, color saturations and different backgrounds all to capture the elusive second pink line you have been striving for!
So....I now sit with my son, watching Cat in the Hat for the fourth time today, not as judgemental as this morning. Maybe a little more understanding how doing watching something that makes you happy over and over again; whether it be a movie or the emergence of a pink line, can happen to the best of us.
So I say unto you: My fellow not hide your idiosyncrocies....embrace them! Watch the movie again, take another test. You never know. The ending this time might surprise you.

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