Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving and Other Musings

After way too many of the damn things I finally got my positive OPK this morning! YAY! We have timed everything great, temps looks good....we just may do it this cycle!
My good friend also had a sucessful RE visit this morning. She is now to do 100mg of clomid, 1500mg of metformin and an ovidrel trigger. You go girl! This is our month! (We've vowed to get pregnant together so if it works for me it will theoretically work for her....right?).
On a different and much promised non-fertility related note: we are having over 30 people for Thanksgiving this year. It is such an overwhelming number in fact that the overlords of the Thanksgiving feast, aka my mother and grandmother, have seen fit to bestow me cooking rights this year. I get to roast a whole turkey and make all of the pies. According to the current deities of the kitchen, this is a big deal that I will most likely screw up.  :)
My illustrious foremothers are tradtional in the most hardcore of ways. Traditional turkey spices, stuffing, pies, and sides. I plan on making a turkey, that while by no means "weird" or unappetizing in any way, is an obvious deviation from the aforementioned tradition. I, in my rebellious second generation way, have decided to put herbs in the turkey! I know, I know, take a moment to gasp and collect yourselves.
Better? Now that you have hopefully recovered from that most heinous of all ideas, I give you this: I also plan to make FRESH FRUIT pies. Oh yes, I will peel and slice and mascerate fruit. I will knead and press and pre-bake homemade dough. Renegade as it is I think this is how I want to represent myself as the newest member of the reigning Queens of Feasting.
Plus I wanna show up my mother.  :)
Any ideas or opinions would be much appreciated as I am open to any way, shape or form that will irritate and worry my mother about my abilities and level of sanity to complete this most holy of missions.
Wish me luck in all my endeavors, for I sail now into waters that are choppy and dangerous. I WILL get pregnant this cycle, and I WILL totally make my mother look like the cook from Little Orphan Annie.


  1. LOL this post cracked me up...especially the end!! YOU WILL GET PREGNANT AND SHOW YOUR MOTHER UP! ROFL its true. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU ;)

  2. Thanks Ashley! I sincerely hope that both happen this month lmao!