Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holy Decorations Batman!

Yes. In my family we celebrate early. I'm actually a day behind! We would always set out Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. That's right folks, my mother was bonafide Christmas-aholic. We would then proceed to take it all down Christmas day because by then she was sick of it. :)
Back to the decorating. My mother did it with style. She had been collecting things for years. I do mean years. Her birthday is December 12th, so every year we would get her a new Santa for her collection. We made popcorn garlands, cookie ornaments, construction paper garlands and wreaths. It was fun. It was magical. About 8 years ago our shed got broken into and everything was taken. Including all of my mom's Christmas stuff. Why someone would take homemade decorations (poorly done I might add as they were made by a 3 and 5 year old) is beyond me. This devastated my mother. Christmas has not been the same since.
I noticed this year as I put up all of my decorations with my  son...I was my mother. My house looks like Christmas threw up! There is something on every surface! Garland graces the kitchen cabinets in elegant sweeps, lights twinkle and dazzle every dark corner. The Christmas tree is alight with homemade ornaments, Cian's first Christmas being my favorite. I carried on the tradition of having a Christmas lives in my entertainment center for the season; complete with "hills" and trees and it even snowed fabulous glitter all over the little tableau of a village I had created.
My house hearkens to a Norman Rockwell painting; and I love it.
I've been a little stressed out this cycle. Thanksgiving (which was wonderful by the way my food was TOTALLY better than my mother's!) was a test in my adulthood, my first year of cooking. I also can't help but feel that this is my last cycle on medication. I've been thinking a lot lately and I just don't want to do it anymore. It's too much and too hard on my body. I need a break. My husband needs a break. I feel if I don't get pregnant this cycle that this may be it. I will only ever have one child. Perfect though he is.
I have decided to stop obsessing as of right now. No more testing. No more checking my favorite pink website. I want to spend the last part of this terrible year with my son and husband. Making memories and enjoying the season.
Time to deck the halls people!  (I think I will even do a little decking at my mothers).

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