Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Waiting Game

I did something stupid. Something not totally unforgivable in the world of TTC but stupid nonetheless. I tested before I was supposed to; this means I tested before the trigger was completly out of my system. This means I got a positive HPT but it's not real. This means I am now driving not only myself but my entire family/support system totally batty!!

I did test again this morning with FMU after having a complete BFN yesterday....there was a very,very,very faint line. I'm only 10dpt9dpo so it's still really early. I feel like I'm pregnant. Which is weird because I don't have any of the symptoms that I normally associate with being pregnant. I just have a "feeling."

Christmas was good, my darling baby boy was totally, undeniably spoiled!! Santa brought him an entire train table (which took Santa and Mrs. Santa 4 hours to put together):
He got myriad toys as well, Stinky the talking garbage truck, a skateboard a guitar....the list goes on and on. He was a good boy all year so he deserves it :)

I made out pretty good too, my DH got me a Coach bag; a luxury that I no longer indulge in seeing as I have a child that needs more important things than truly lucious handbags. I also received a Keurig coffee maker....this was one of my biggies and I'm so excited! I have, unfortunatley, been drinking like 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day (a big leap from my normal 2) but there are so many flavors to try and it's so much fun! I also got a Nookcolor!! This was my number one request this year! I am an avid reader. I read anythign and everything....truly. I have right now, this is after amny trips to the used bookstore to trafe some in, at least 500 books in my house. I've read them all. Needless to say this Nook will save up valuable floor space!

In an effort to stay busy and not obsess too much, now that the holidays are over I'm beginning to concentrate on the home decor/remodels we plan on doing in the new year. First up: new appliances! I'm uber excited and an local store is offering a fantastic deal on a 4 piece stainless steel set. After that the kitchen will be done. besides some minor kitchy details. Next up is the bathrooms, we are replacing the floors, painting, doing Cian's in a frog theme (totally cute, I will post pics when done) and framing out my master bath mirror....the list is endless but I really enjoy doing it.

So, we have passed by our second year TTC, about to enter a new one and I don't know if I'm pregnant. It's so hard. It's a constant thought. I'm hoping tomorrow now that I know the trigger is gone that I get a line at 10dpo and we move forward from there. It almost seems like it's a dream not worht thinking about because it never happens.

I will keep all of you posted. Any phone calls and emails to distract me would be much appreciated! In the meantime I will continue to enjoy playing with Cian and all his new toys, spending time with my DH and reading my nook! Happy Belated Holidays blogosphere!


  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog today and thought I'd follow! My son has that train table and he loves it! It took my hubby forever to put it together and when the last piece went into place Aidan yelled, "Thank you, Mommy!!" :) Cian will have so much fun playing with it!

  2. Hi Aub! Do you blog? I would love to follow you. Yes Cian LOVES it, it was a pain in the rear to put together but all worth it. How old is your little guy??

  3. Ok so we are moving back to colorado so we So need to get together and get Cian and Simmy together to play!!!

  4. Ugh. I'm so sorry I just now saw this! Yes I do blog!


    I have two sons. Cameron is 8 and Aidan is 5. (The train table is Aidan's.) We are TTC baby #3 and I've only just begun seeing an RE and taking fertility meds. I have never had a problem getting pregnant before. It has been a learning experience, for sure!

    It hurts to not be able to create the family that you work hard for and have already conceived in your heart. I'm hoping that 2011 is your year to give Cian a sibling! :)

    I promise I will be better about checking back on blogs that I comment on!